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OCCI Stakeholders

OCCI brings together four key stakeholder groups:  Interpreters, Consumer, Trainers and Testers, and Interpreting Service Providers.


Click on a Stakeholder group link to see more information for and about each group.


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Organizations delivering interpreter training programs and skills assessment services

The following are organizations and individuals, grouped by stakeholder category, who currently participate in OCCI activities.   OCCI is grateful for their various contributions ensuring that we can fulfill our commitment to broad stakeholder engagement.

Interpreters and Interpreter Associations

Independent Subject Matter Experts:

Orestes Robledo

Sepideh Salimi


Consumers, Purchasers, and End Users


Hospital for Sick Children

Immigration and Refugee Board

Ministry of the Attorney General


Translation Bureau 



Independent Subject Matter Experts:

Lisete Figueiredo

Don Leacock

Trainers and Testers

Interpreting Services Providers and Agencies

(      current financial sponsor)
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