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Consumer Stakeholder Group

When we refer to consumers or end-users of interpretation services, we are referring to the parties who need to communicate effectively across language barriers:
  • individuals with limited English or French proficiency
  • English or French speaking community service providers
  • language access policy makers
  • purchasers/procurers of interpretation services
The ultimate focus of the OCCI is the tens of thousands of situations everyday in Ontario where effective communication and quality of care are compromised because the speakers do not share a language.  
The OCCI is committed to establishing an accreditation framework ensuring the following benefits for end-users:
  • transparency of the qualifications of interpreters
  • support in accessing interpreters with the qualifications appropriate for your communication needs
  • consistency in the quality of interpreting services utilized
  • responsiveness to language trends
OCCI Accreditation Framework
The credentials of the professional interpreter providing language support should be easily recognized and understood by end-users. OCCI encourages all consumers of interpretation services to be familiar with these references and to ask for documentation to support claims of credentials when hiring an interpreter or when choosing an Interpretation Service Provider (ISP).
Understanding Interpreter Credentials - terms you should know when purchasing interpretation services
Know your rights and what to expect as a consumer of interpretation services in Canada.
Click here to download the National Standard Guide on Community Interpreter Services.
OCCI Accredited Community Interpreters can be easily recognized.  Look for, and ask for, the card:
Click here to find an OCCI Accredited Community Interpreter

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