Community Interpreting

What is Community Interpreting?

What is the difference among “interpretation”, “translation”, and “sight translation”?

Does the OCCI accredit translators?

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Hiring/Working with Professional Community Interpreters

What is a professional interpreter?

How do I know if the interpreters I work with are qualified?

What should an Interpreting Service Provider do if an accredited interpreter is not available?

What can I expect the interpreter to do?

Can I ask the interpreter to complete my patient/client's form?

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OCCI Ontario Council on Community Interpreting

Accreditation Tiers


Applying to become an OCCI Accredited Community Interpreter

How do I apply to become an OCCI Accredited Community Interpreter?

What are the fees to apply for and renew my ACI status?

What is the ACI accreditation status/renewal cycle?

How can I fulfill the PD requirements for renewal?

I'm a MAG accredited interpreter. Which OCCI ACI requirements does that satisfy?

How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?

Which core competency training is required to become accredited?

Can I be accredited if I did not complete the LITP training?

Which requirements fall under the 'grandfathering' protocol?

How can I satisfy the English proficiency requirement?

Where can I go to prepare for and take the ILSAT or CILISAT?

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